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Armenian and Kazak Rugs Lecture in Los Angeles
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Armenian Rugs, Kazak Rugs, Bordjalu Rugs: Who wove them?


J. Barry O’Connell

Oriental Carpet Scholar         
Williamsport, Pennsylvania  
Who were the peoples that wove Armenian, Kazak, and Bordjalu rugs?  Who were
the Armenians, and where did they originate? How did the Armenians leave the
Caucasus?  How and why did they return? Who were the Kazaks?  Where are the
Kazaks today?  What was the social order of the Caucasus? And what is the Polity
of Identity?  Barry O’Connell, originator and webmaster of, a
web site for anyone interested in studying oriental rugs, will examine rugs of the
Western Caucasus as part of an examination of the transition from Persian control
to Russian.

Barry O’Connell is primarily a consultant focusing on Database Design and
Performance, Politics, and Marketing and Advertising.  His clients have included The
World Bank, The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, The Department of
Justice, The US Department of State, and various other public and private entities,
and he ran the database team for John Kerry’s Presidential Campaign in the 14
battleground states, 2004.  Barry was a contributor to the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF
MODERN ASIA (Scribners, 2002,) and wrote the section on Central Asian carpets.  
He is the former Associate Editor of Oriental Rug Review, and was formerly an editor
(Book Reviews) at Rug News.   He invites TMA/SC members to bring examples of
Armenian, Kazak and Bordjalu rugs for show & tell.

Saturday, October 6, 2007       10:00 a.m.  Refreshments
10:30  TMA/SC Annual General Meeting 10:40 Program

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