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Dr. Khosrow Sobhe's Iran Trip, Dec. 2006 & Jan. 2007
Khosrow Sobhe, the founder and the CEO of SOBCO International Ltd.
(, a Corporation based in Los Angeles for importing handmade
rugs, took a 3-week trip to his home city Tehran in December 2006 and early
January 2007.

He visited a
rug washing factory in Tehran with which Sobhe Trading Co. (His
Corporation in Iran) works. This
rug cleaning factory is a very big and modern
rug cleaning establishment. The washing/cleaning method this factory
uses is to dry the rugs under the sun after they are washed with water and soap.
Drying out under the sun is the oldest and yet the best and safest way of making
sure that all the water and moisture comes out of a rug after it is washed.

Dr. Sobhe also had several meetings with his personnel and
rug repair crew and
reminded them how important it is to do a thorough quality control at all times,
before the rugs are packed to be exported to the US. Sobhe also met with his
brothers in Sobhe Trading office in their Tehran compound. They discussed, in
length, about the US rug market and how the needs of customers could be
addressed in this market.

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe is also a board member of the Iranian Carpet Exporters'
Association based in Tehran with 600+ members which publishes a quarterly journal
in Farsi and English. Dr. Sobhe has been the editor in chief of this journal for more
than a decade.

A lunch party was organized as a welcoming ceremony for Sobhe by the Iranian
Carpet Exporters' Association.  In addition to the board members, other guests such
as Dr. Morteza Faradji, the Deputy Commerce Minister and his colleagues form the
National Iranian Carpet Center, Mr. Abolfazl Radjabian, the head of the Qum Carpet
Exporters' Association, and Mr. Bahram Tahbaz, the head of the Iranian Carpet
Importers' Association of Germany based in Hamburg were also among the guests.
At the beginning, Mr. Akbar Herischian, the president of the Iranian Carpet
Exporters' Association welcomed Dr. Sobhe, his two brothers, and other guests and
asked Sobhe to comment on the current rug market situation in the US and the ways
by which Iran can increase its market share. The session followed by comments
from other guests and a question-answer section. Dr. Faradji, the head of the
National Iranian Carpet Center mentioned that he and his organization would do
whatever it takes to enhance the position of the Persian carpet world wide. He asked
Dr. Sobhe to hold a separate meeting with him in his office to reach some
conclusions on the ways to reach this end. Sobhe and Dr. Faradji and some of the
experts from the Iranian Carpet Center met the next day and formulated some
preliminary Persian rug promotion plans, on which both parties agreed to work with
in the near future.

It snowed few times in Tehran during Sobhe's trip as shown in the pictures. You may
also see photos of the buildings, cars and a photo from a vegetarian restaurant and
the Iranian Vegetarian Society in Tehran.
Rug Cleaning, Washing and Repair Factory
Sobhe Trading Company in Tehran, Iran
Tehran, Iran Dec 2006 & Jan. 2007
Short Video Clips of Tehran
(click on the links below to watch the videos)
Tehran Video 1 - Bakery and snow
Tehran Video 2 - Snow
Tehran Video 3 - Traditional Music at Daloon Deraz Restaurant
Dr. Sobhe in the Iranian Carpet Exporters' Association