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Kish, Iran Handmade Rug Exhibition
Kish - Handmade Carpet International Exhibition

Following four successful handmade Persian carpet exhibitions which were held in
Kish and brought together famous producers and exporters with their unique
collections, the Exhibition Committee has decided to hold the fifth exhibition at an
international level, with carpet producers and dealers participating from across the
world. Kish Island will host the Exhibition from 1-4 May, 2007.

A Free Trade Zone and renowned tourism resort, Kish Island possesses 21,000
square meters of exhibition space and a wealth of experience in holding various
events. The Island offers a calm and pleasant environment for exhibitions and
business activities. Foreign nationals need no entry visa and foreign goods may be
easily imported into the Island benefiting from low rates of customs tariff. These
favourable factors provide other countries with a suitable opportunity to take part in
the exhibitions held on Kish Island.

The present exhibition is expected to attract a large number of carpet producers
and dealers from around the world including Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia,
Azerbaijan, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan,
Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, etc. Exhibitors
from these countries, along with Iranian carpet producers and exporters, will display
a wide variety of handmade carpets and floor coverings

Moreover, handmade carpet dealers from other countries who are invited by the
Exhibition Committee have a suitable opportunity to buy their requirements and
desired collections. Also,   a large number of visitors are expected to attend and buy
from the Exhibition. Visit the links below for detailed information: