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Persian Carpet Exhibition Opens in Oman
Oman Time

Persian carpets exhibition opens

Times News Service
Wednesday, April 04, 2007 Oman Time

MUSCAT — The Persian carpets exhibition began at Intercontinental Hotel on
Monday with over 2,000 varieties on display.

This eight-day exhibition, organized by Persian Carpets LLC, showcases many
types of carpets from many countries.

Oriental carpets are an important part of many homes` décor and it is supposed to
be a life-long investment, says Khalid Gul Aga, director of Persian Carpets LLC.

Persian carpets are also known as Oriental rugs and has become universally
accepted as referring to all hand knotted or hand-woven carpets from the `East` in
the regions of Iran and Central Asia.

The most famous of them are from Iran while the rest of them are sourced from
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Caucasus, Kashmir, Turkmenistan and parts of
Central Asia. The biennial exhibition being held for the past 11 years has some
carpets which are more than 100 years old. Most of them are silk on silk or wool and
sink with prices ranging between RO80 and RO8,000.

Khalid says that Qum carpets are the most exquisite of all and are in high demand
as these rugs are woven out of pure silk.

Buying these carpets is not as easy as it seems and you may require assistance to
purchase these carpets.

There are new, old and antique carpets some having simple and elegant looks
related to the down to earth tribal and nomads with strong character, while others
are more refined and artistic with a high degree of knotting.

Some of the tribal carpets go by the names of Bakhtiar, Senneh, Qashgai, Bijar,
Yallameh, Caucasian etc while the city carpets are mostly (80 per cent) named after
Iranian cities and these are Tabriz, Naeen, Qum, Isfahan (popular), Hereke, etc.
Besides the carpets, handcrafted gift items, shawls, wall hangings, kilim (flat woven
carpets) are also on display at the exhibition.

According to Khalid, the prices of these rugs are below the real value as each rug
may take up to one-and-a-half years to produce.

All the rugs are hand made in cottage industries spread across many countries.

Khalid says that he personally visits most of these countries to source out the rugs.
Persian Carpets showroom is located on the first floor of Al Wadi Commercial Center
in Qurum. For further details contact 24562139.