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Persian Carpet Weaving At NowRuz
Persian Rug Weaving and Carpet Educational Center in
NowRuz Celebration, Beverly Hills California March 11th 2007

Iranian American Parents Association of Beverly Hills ( held a
prestigious NowRuz, Persian New Year celebration in Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly
Hills, California in Los Angeles on March 11, 2007. This was to honor the teachers
of Beverly Hills and to help several charity and educational establishments in the
City of Beverly Hills. It started at 3:00 pm and ended around 11:00 pm. The event
was filled with Persian music, Persian dance, Persian food, fashion show and more.
Many dignitaries such as the Los Angeles Supervisor, the Los Angeles County
Sheriff, Beverly Hills Mayor and Vice Mayor and City Council members, Beverly Hills
Unified School District Board Members and …celebrated NowRuz with their Persian
friends, and colleagues.  

Twenty booths were also presenting Persian goods and services in the hall adjacent
to the International Ballroom, in Beverly Hilton Hotel, called the NowRuz Bazaar. Our
company,  participated in this biannual one of a kind event in
two capacities. One was a booth showcasing our
Persian carpets made by our
weavers, most of whom
Qashqai tribe's ladies from the province of Fars, around
the city of Shiraz in south west of Iran. This booth was in the Bazaar section.

One of the exciting parts of this cultural, artistic and fun event was the raffles. To
name a few, we can mention 18K Yellow Gold Sponge Necklace, 3-day Mexican
Cruise, laser Services, one night and two-night stay in the two of top Beverly Hills
hotels, porcelain Jewelry Box, dental  Services, Dining Gift Certificate, designer
Men's Tie & Pouchette Set, Gift Basket, 10 Private Dance Sessions, and a very fine
Persian handmade
Kashan rug donated by our company .

The other part of our company's activity was the Persian carpet weaving and
educational center at the entrance of the main hall where the celebration was held.
The carpet weaving section provided free rug making CD's showing the process of
making a rug from A to Z, from providing the wool from the back of ships, spinning,
dying, drawing cartoons (rug design), painting-coloring cartoons, weaving, washing
rugs after they are finished, packing, shipping and etc.  Free brochures such as      
Rug Buying Tips ", "Rug Care and Maintenance ", " Rug & Vacuum Cleaner
FAQs " and …were also given away to the visitors. Several rug journals and books
were also available for those who wanted to take a look at them and learn more.

A real rug loom and weaving demonstration was also on the spot and this part
attracted many visitors and enthusiasts who wanted to learn how to weave a rug.
Many of the visitors sat behind the real loom and made several knots to see how a
rug could be made. They found out that weaving a rug needs craftsmanship,
patience and more than anything else, love. The reception was extraordinary, and
frankly speaking we did not think we would receive this much attention and inquiries
from the people, Iranians, Americans and others in regards with detailed information
on how
Persian rugs could be made. On the site explanation by a master weaver
was provided to answer such questions.