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Return / Exchange Policy

1- We are not looking for one-time customers. Each customer means so much to us.
Therefore, we have a two-week (14 days) money back return policy on ALL of our
handmade, Persian and oriental rugs only. The rug should be in our store no later
than two weeks from the date of the invoice and the purchase receipt. Please note
that all the sizes mentioned are approximate.

2- Our rugs should be returned in a good condition, without wear, without dirt, dust
or any damage. Any rug returned damaged by the customer or damaged during the
return shipping will not be accepted.

3- We are the judge whether the rug is returnable or not.  You must have your
original invoice and your payment slip. Please contact us before returning any item.

4- There is no return on machine-made area rugs, Shag rugs, Silk rugs, natural or
artificial, and tapestries. There is only a three-day exchange with similar or higher
priced items. The item should be in a good condition, without wear, without dirt, dust
or any damage.

5- There is no return on the items which are on sale, promotion, clearance or
discounted items. There is no return or exchange on rug pads or mats.

6- For in-store and online purchases, return shipping and insurance costs on all
refunds are the responsibility of the customer.

7- Rug pads included with the sale of a rug must also be returned or the price of the
pad will be deducted from the refund.

8- For the purchases paid by a credit/debit card, there will be a deduction of 5% as
the credit/debit card processing fee (Merchants Account Fee).

9- Due to the additional company expenses resulting from a return, including
handling, labeling, accounting, banking and other miscellaneous expenses, a
restocking fee of 10% will be deducted from the refund amount.

10- Our return policy is subject to change and modifications without prior notice. It is
the customer's responsibility to check our return policy posted on our website and in
our store prior to a purchase.

11- Buy purchasing any item from us, you have agreed to our return policy, terms
and conditions mentioned here.