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What do you do with your valuables? You take care of them. Why not do the same
thing to your Persian and Oriental rugs? They are expensive and can last for many
years and maybe for generations. The more you take care of them, the better they
look and the longer they last in your home.

Here at  we present you with some simple and general ideas for
your rug protection, care and maintenance. For more precise and detailed
instructions, please contact us or consult a professional.

1- Depending on the foot traffic, you should rotate your rug and turn it around
maybe once a year for even and balanced wear.
2- Do not let your rug be exposed to direct sunlight. The colors will fade away
through time. Use appropriate curtains and draperies
3- Vacuum your rug regularly. Do not wait until it gets dirty. Dust and soil would
damage the fiber of your rug resulting in its shorter life. When you vacuum your rug,
be careful with the fringe.
4- When something (liquid or …) is spilled or dropped on your rug, act quick before
it sets in, absorbed or dried.  Scoop us the spill as much as you can and then use
dry cloths, or paper towel to blotter and absorb the liquid as much as you can.
5- Apply warm water to the stain and then blot again until the stain is removed from
your Persian or Oriental carpet and it is not visible any more. You may mix laundry
detergent with warm water and apply it to the stain if necessary. Use clean dry cloths
or paper towel to blot the area well. You may use a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner
to dry the washed area.  Do not over use hair dryer. It will damage the rug.
6- If the stain is solid (chewing gum, wax and …) use a spoon to remove it and follow
the step #4 above.
7- Below, you may find a table which can be used for stain removal.

Stain                       Cleaning Treatment
Chewing gum:               Freeze using ice, shatter gum, vacuum, warm water &
Wine:                              Talcum powder then warm water & detergent
Alcohol:                          Warm water & detergent
Most Makeup:               Dry cleaning solvent then warm water & detergent
Urine:                             Warm water & detergent then white vinegar & water (1:3)
Blood:                            Warm water & detergent
Vomit:                             Warm water & detergent then dry cleaning solvent
Butter:                            Dry cleaning solvent then warm water & detergent
Wax:                                Freeze using ice, shatter gum, vacuum, dry cleaning
solvent then water & detergent
Shoe Polish:                   Dry cleaning solvent then warm water & detergent
Asphalt:                           Dry cleaning solvent then warm water & detergent

8- We at  provide special expert rug cleaning with local free pick
up and delivery. Contact us for free estimate and more details (tel. 310-770-9085).
9- If your Persian carpet or Oriental rug is damaged, have it fixed by us by expert
repairer. It will extend the life of your lovely rug. The damage will progress if you do
not take care of it in time.
10- Take different pictures of your rugs and place them where you can find them.
Having other information such as size, the country of origin and … may help in the
case of theft, fire or other unexpected events.
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