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Persian Tabriz Rug
* Silk Flowers
Rug No. 15253
205 x 153 cm
6' 9" x 5'
Price: $2,500
Persian Tabriz Rug
* Silk Foundation
Rug No. 1515
8' x 11' 7"
Price: $8,800
Persian Tabriz Rugs
Tabriz is the capital of the East Azarbaijan Province in north west Iran as shown in
the map above. The province includes an area of roughly 48,000 km². Some of
other towns and cities are Ahar,ajabshir, Bostan Abad, Bonab, Tabriz, Jolfa, Sarab,
Shabestar, Kaleybar, Maragheh, Marand, Malekan, Miyaneh, Heris, and Hashtrood.
The historical city of Tabriz is the most important city of this province, culturally,
politically, economically and commercially. The province has common borders with
the current Republics of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Nakhchivan. East Azarbaijan has
cool, and dry climate.
Tabriz has a population of 1.2 million people (1995). When Tabriz was founded is a
mystery. Most sources mention the Sassanid (226-651) era, while others believe it
to be even further back in history. After the Turkic invasion of Iran, Tabriz later
became the capital of the Ilkhanate empire from about 1270 to 1305, of the Aq
Quyunlu dynasty from about 1469 to about 1502, and of the Safavids from
1502-1548. It also fell under Ottoman rule for some time during the time of the
Safavids, but it was taken back later.
Tabriz rugs and carpets are among the most wanted Persian rugs. They are usually
symmetrically knotted. The warp is made of cotton and in finer weaves, silk. The pile
is also made of fine wool or silk or the combination of both. The design of Tabriz
rugs have gone under many changes and many master designers have emerged
from Tabriz in the recent decades. Tabriz carpets are very colorful and well liked by
Iranians. It is safe to say that Tabriz rug is on the top of the list of the desired rugs in
Iran. Tabriz rugs have a higher number of knots compared with other types of city,
village or tribal Persian rugs. They are identified by so called "Radj", the number of
knots in 7 linear centimeters, less than three inches long.
East Azarbaijan is highlighted on the map