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The Textile Museum Associates of Southern California (TMA/SC)
With the demand by many collectors for old and antique rugs today, there is not
always a ready supply. In addition, real antique rugs have become increasingly
priced out of the affordable market. Both of these conditions have not only
generated new rug production, with reproduction of old motifs woven with great skill
and with natural dyes, but also a new industry in purposely creating fakes antique
rugs and kilims. Dr. Ahmet Birbilen told us about these  processes designed to fool
the unwary, and how to detect them. He showed us not only slides, but also brought
examples of some fakes so that we might examine them.

The lecture was very well attended. It started at 10:30 am. First, David Ruderman
the president of TMA/SC welcomed everybody and made some announcements.
Then Cheri Hunter, the head of the evens committee introduced Ahmet to the
audience. Then, Dr. Ahmet Birbilen started his interesting speech, along with the
slide show which was followed with a very warm section of questions and answers.
Several participants had brought their own rugs and textiles for which they sought
comments from Dr. Ahmet Birbilen and other people who attended the lecture. The
session ended at around 12:30 pm.

Dr. Ahmet Birbilen is an enthusiastic promoter of the appreciation of Oriental rugs
and textiles. He has a degree  in business and marketing from Ankara University,
but by the early 1980's he had embarked on his long love affairs with Oriental
carpets. Some early travels with field researchers from Ankara University's Folk Art
Department were followed be eleven years owning a carpet store. Today he deals in
rugs and textiles privately as well as arranges cultural and historical adventure tours
in Turkey. He has been a participant and speaker at numerous international rug
conferences in Europe and America.  
The Textile Museum Associates of Southern California (TMA/SC) presents:

Oriental Rug, Fakes, and How to Spot Them

Dr. Ahmet Birbilen
Istanbul, Turkey

Saturday, February 17, 2007
Community Room, St. Bede's Episcopal Church
3950 Grand View Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066