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Wool Carpet Stops Danger in Its Tracks
Problem: buying synthetic carpeting or rugs, many of which contain potentially
harmful chemicals that can emit fumes for months or even years.

Safe solution: Buy carpeting or rugs made of wool, which is nontoxic, durable and
naturally fire retardant. It also absorbs odors and repels liquids and stains.

Though wool carpeting is often more expensive than synthetic, it can last a lifetime.

If you cannot afford wool carpeting or rugs, consider buying those made of recycled
or natural materials such as coir, sisal, sea grass, jute, hemp and cotton. Though
these are typically nontoxic, they are not durable and are flammable.

SOURCE: "Organic Housekeeping: In Which the Nontoxic Avenger Shows You How
to Improve Your Health and That of Your Family While You Save Time, Money and
Perhaps Your Sanity" by Ellen Sandbeck (Simon & Schuster).

Orlando Sentinel
Colleen McBrinn | the Seattle Times
Posted February 4, 2007